emro differentiates its values by providing total solutions covering consulting, customization, cloud service, global web standard platforms and software and components.


emro provides a complete consulting service that optimizes the procurement value chain.

1Diagnosis for Procurement Innovation
Through diagnoses of current strategies, processes, organization structure and systems, required innovations are presented based on the innovation roadmap and relevant investment strategies
Through enterprise-scale diagnosis based on relevant data, the ISP orientation and strategies are prepared from multiple perspectives; business-driven IT strategy, general and data usages, IT management, infrastructure and architecture.
3Procurement PI
Detailed processes and action plans are derived to optimize the value chain in terms of strategy, rules, functionality and process.
The framework for executing partnership strategies is to be established by SG-oriented partner management strategies and the detailed measures are to be formulated by SGs to increase the competitiveness of the supplier network from diverse perspectives including optimal assessment system, differential treatment/management and operational processes.
5Managing Standards
Strategies and action plans are formulated for enterprise-scale data integration and management with suggestions to establish and standardize the classifications, attributes, identifiers and/or markings.

System Implementation

emro provides procurement SCM, quality and industry-specialized solutions to help organizations in diverse industries optimize the entire value chain including procurement, strategy, development, and collaboration.

Solution-Based Customized System Implementation


Combining emro’s expertise and know-how in the procurement solution business, emroCloud is a cloud-based service specializing in indirect procurement that provides verified vender pools with readily available procurement catalogs.

emroCloud Key Functionalities

Key Features

Service with Global Best Practices

  • Provides strategies for selecting optimal processes and vendors by items
  • Provides global vendor pool

Increased Visibility,
Transparency and Compliance

  • Provides visibility of category-specific performances and supports strategic decisions

Cloud-based Service Platform

  • Stable operation and high-quality service
  • Minimized time and cost for implementation

HTML5 Web Component

The next generation web standard high performance data grid provides a web-based data grid for both wired and wireless uses. The performance is equivalent to that of Excel and the charting and reporting components are also available to create various reports that are rich in context.

Web Standard Platform

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HTML5 Web Framework

Provides work-friendly environment with maximized usability enabled by SMARTframework and improves the system utilization and the work productivity

Web Standard Framework

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