emro offers Procurement SCM 4.0 that innovate procurement practices and processes by leveraging cutting edge Industry 4.0 technologies.


Analyzing procurement information by leveraging big data and AI technologies, SMARTanalytics enables the discovery and analysis of complex data relationships without SQL queries, and supports decision making processes by providing insights through integration with advanced analytics engines.

Key Features

Insights from Data Association

  • Derives insights to support decisions by discovering new associations, replacements and irrelevant data User-Friendly Functions

User-Friendly Functions

  • All screens and data supported in any office formation
  • Story-telling in different perspectives in different apps
  • Pivot tables

Forecasts to Support Decisions

  • Procurement-related forecasts by big data analytics
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SMARTrpa automates simple, repetitive low value-added work processes using robotics software, improving the user convenience and allows for more resources to be invested in processes of higher values.

Key Features

Work Process Automation

  • Rule-based, repetitive processes can be automated with higher speed and accuracy

Control and Monitoring

  • Work scheduling for multiple robots
  • Monitoring performance and related issues

Legacy Support

  • Supports legacy systems with no changes/modifications
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SMARTrisk enhances risk responsiveness by comprehensively monitoring the risks associated with partners from a variety of perspectives including finance, disaster and reputation, and provides warnings, and analyzes effects and suggests follow-up measures.

Key Features

Financial Risks

  • Real-time risk ratings and indices for local/global companies
  • Supply structure and flow diagram
  • Analytics on risk-specific effects

Disaster Risks

  • Natural and local disaster indicators on Risk Map
  • Follow-up measures and history management

Reputation Risks

  • Collecting keyword-based web search results by partners
  • Analyzing reputational risks based on the web search collections
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SMARTblockchain enhances the data security and the credibility of transactions by storing authenticated information in a distributed manner and verifying the data authenticity through comparison.

Key Features

Improved Convenience of Practices

  • Validates transaction entities through securing login authentication process
  • Trustworthy contracts and transactions verified without requiring validation through any third-party CAs
  • Increased productivity in case of international contracts with partners abroad

Robust Security

  • Enhanced security with diverse measures

Algorithms to Validate/
Process Transactions

  • Prevents data forgery/manipulation by distributed storage
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