A Company Where Employees Work Vigorously and Happily

emro is endeavoring to listen to and consider the opinions and needs of employees so that they can work with more energy and happiness.

emro의 사람들

General Benefits

Welfare Mall
Employees are provided with credits on their birthday and when participating in IT forums and training courses.
Congratulations and Condolences
Extra Day-offs, Cash Gifts, Wreaths
Funeral Assistance
Increasing employees’ welfare and fellowship
Anniversary Gifts
Extra welfare credits on birthday
Holiday Gifts
Extra gifts on Chuseok and Seolnal

Financial aid for leisure and self-development activities

Financial support for club activities (currently 14 active clubs with 130 members)
Daemyung Resort and a villa in Jeju
Financial support for language courses, training programs for licenses or other self-improvement activities
Mentors dedicated to helping new hires (facilitating adaptation)


Check Up
All employees are provided with comprehensive medical check ups

Long Service Allowance

Credited with Welfare Credits (4-year: 1.2mil / 8-year: 3.5mil / 12-year: 8mil)


Various Events and Occasions
Sales Seminars, Year-end Party, Company Track Competition or similar events, Team Workshop